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DPS is a fast-growing, ambitious, and professional company that provides dispatch, safety, and factoring services

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+ $0.15 Fuel card discount
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Accounting ,
Billing for factoring




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About Us

What Makes Us Different?

DPS is a fast-growing, ambitious, and professional company that provides dispatch, safety, and factoring services. As a logistics company, we work with 50 carriers and dispatch over 200 trucks. Having a considerable experience and competent employees, DPS Truck provides the most efficient services based on your unique preferences and needs. We put our best effort to help your business flourish and make a desirable profit.
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Miles traveled with cargo
152$ millions
Earned our customers
61 thousand
Shipments accepted and delivered
400 trucks
Are served daily

Our Services

Dispatching. Safety. Factoring. Accounting. Brokerage.


We are working with Dry Vans, Reefers, Flatbеds, Step Decks, Car Carriers at the moment. Our main responsibility is to proteсt our client’s MC by doing an outstanding dispatching job. We choose the loads based on our clients’ preferences. Having strong connections with brokers, dedicated lines form the customers, and using multiple load boards, we get the best prices for the loads for our drivers.


For our clients, we provide a full package of services:


  • Completing the report and covering needed taxes on a quarterly basis.


  • Arranging permits on demand for overweight/ oversized loads.


  • Administration


Everyone wants to be paid on time. Our factoring partners can provide you with immediate cash advance which greatly impacts your business. In addition to that, we offer a fuel card with $0.15 cents/ gallon discount. Since we are working with the biggest Truckstops in the USA, you can be sure that we will provide you with an impeccable service. Besides that, we are pleased to help you to grow in your business by providing different equipment in leasing for affordable prices.



Billing for Factoring


DPSTruck started off as a logistics company. Having a considerable experience in dispatching and understanding the importance of having reliable carriers that can deliver anything, anywhere, at any time, we began to work directly with customers. Now we have more than 200 trucks and our goal is to make them busy with good loads.


Imagine a business partner for your trucking company that takes care of EVERYTHING, from A to Z, until it’s completed perfectly well.
Never complains. Always provides ready solutions.

  • 1 DPS Truck Company will do everything to make sure that your business will expand and flourish.
  • 2 We are helping you to find experienced drivers to work under your MC and on your trucks.
  • 3 If you want to expand your business, we are able to provide you with trucks in leasing for competitive prices.
  • 4 Considering you as our partner, we deeply care about your professional growth which means that your interests become our primary concern.

Enjoy your time,
we do the job for you!